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Unique, Premium Online Mortgage Brokerage for Sale

Established in 2016, this is an exciting opportunity, not to be missed.

A premium online mortgage broker business in Sydney with a proprietary online platform. Featuring both an automated front-end customer application/loan-search process and a comprehensive back-end broker/administration system that streamlines and systemises the entire loan application process, with the ability to tailor documentation to the customer’s needs.

Ideal bolt-on to an existing brokerage looking to rapidly grow, as this can be rolled out across a larger team, provides access to the existing customer database and trail book, and can target clients across Australia and beyond.

Key Facts

* Significant trail book sitting at approx. $260 million and growing
* Trail book generates approx. $30,000 a month in revenue or $360,000 per annum
* Monthly settlements continue to increase, and April 2021 saw $34.5 million in settlements, a record figure.
* Revenue has rapidly risen in the 5 years since inception and the business has a trail book that generates $30,000 a month and growing
* The business is based around an online broker platform that automates and streamlines the process, end-to-end
* The online software provides customers with access to over 50 lenders and a broad range of home loans
* The business has a team of both brokers and admin/operations staff who are able to guide customers through the process and tailor solutions to the client
* The back-end of the platform allows the brokers to manage client accounts, access forms, meet compliance requirements and work to efficiently manage and track loan applications
* The platform has been specifically developed for the business and has never been licensed out to any other business this is exclusive, carefully developed IP
* 100 combined five-star reviews on Product Review and Google. No reviews are under 5 stars.

Get in touch with Paul Smith via email paul.s@businessbrokersnetwork.com.au or on 0420 550 433