Newsagency at Condobolin. Great Opportunity $185,000 + S.A.V.+ Freehold $180,000

Condobolin Newsagency is more than just the only newsagency in Town, it offers other retail specialist products, including Jaycar Reseller, Gifts, Jewellery, Cards, Stationery for Office and Home along with School needs. Magazines and Newspapers plus Lotto are a given all within the premises for sale. The premises have an indicative rental figure of $13k p.a. which shows a remarkable return on Investment on the asking price of $180k. as a minimum R.O.I. (Return On investment). This amount can be adjusted to suit the new owners’ requirements.
The newsagency business itself is of excellent presentation in emphasising an exceptional product range with figures to match.
The total package of the newsagency business with Freehold is an unusual opportunity brought together with a distinct trading in specialist lines such as Jaycar and gifts including locally made jewellery.
With a very solid and strong population of 3,450 in 2016 Census, Condobolin, located in the Central West of NSW is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to Parkes, midway to Orange, with a population of 11,200, travelling the same distance again there is Dubbo with a population of 52,000. Dubbo like many other major regional rural cities offers an abundance of services from medical -education -modern Airport and other facilities of major requirement if wanted.
Outstanding Features include:
* The incredible opportunity for the new owner to purchase a total package of Business and Building showing an incredible Return on Investment (R.O.I.).
* Lotto commissions of approx. 60k p.a. pays the proposed rent plus one full time staff and junior part time per week.
* The allowance of $80k p.a.(optional) for two owners doing 40 hrs. p. w. produces a $40k surplus resulting in a return for Goodwill of $185k of 22% p.a.
* Opens 5 and two half days per week. (Saturday and Sunday).
A very solid community- based town with a population of over 3,500 people with many families. See Quick Stats census for all details.
Details for consideration:
* With both partners working the work arrangements could be re – shaped to suit.
* The current owner/s have not changed the early morning opening, leaving it optional for new owners.
* With a partnership of two working 35 to 40 hrs a week each and a reduction in shop hours there would be significantly more money. See proposed roster.

Join the good life in Central Western NSW country -style living in a town where you
can be a part of the community and cater for their needs as well.
COVID trading is extremely solid with people wanting to shop locally without any fear plus having this essential service providing just that and the ability to satisfy whatever there is a demand for.

This could be the opportunity too good to miss.

Please fill out the Confidentiality Agreement for full details and a Business Profile with current financials will be forwarded by email to you.