Fantastic New Style TORONTO Newsagency Lottery Franchise Gifts only $220,000 plus SAV

The experienced Newsagency owners decided to create their solid footprint business into a new style of Newsagency. With over 213 m2 of space – 185 m2 for retail and 28 m2 or so for Office and Storeroom, they carefully looked at their customer base demographics, age groups, household income, schooling, and employment. Picking out the gaps and re – targeting their business started what this New Style of Newsagency has become. They re- created a “family atmosphere” of community first by carefully selecting Gifts, Greetings Cards to match and other Social Expression items so popular with all ages and supported this with excellent service.

COVID 19 During the initial Lockdown, being categorized as an essential service, there was an unexpected added benefit to the new store’s sales. It was one of considerably more Gross Profit and consumer appreciation. This was re-enforced with the last December Quarters 2019 -2020 comparisons of Sales and Profit.
Located in the Centre of picturesque lakeside Toronto with its locals and weekenders from Newcastle and the Greater Central Coast area they posted through Facebook and Instagram sites. This enabled the business to target new customers at home with “click, pick ‘n’ pay” and with a special on-line presence for S.O.H.O. (Small Office Home Office) Stationery orders, either pick up or have delivered along with other goods. This gave time short people to look at products on – line to whet their appetite for a browse in leisure time. It has proved to be a COVID 19 Bubble Burster -for even if COVID restrictions crop up again, consumers will know the store is open.
Catering for LOCAL and all shoppers there is more than ample parking near Coles and at the rear of the store as well as the curbside out front quick “grab n go” park and Woolworths is behind this exciting store.
This new style Newsagency with huge ‘the Lott” profits, has the commission earnings paying the rent and almost all wages (B.O.S.) Before Owners Salary. The business is transitioning from a strong base already showing a huge growth in Gross Profit in these high margin products. With a fresh approach and with a sprinkle of expansion of Books as a suggestion, these strategies should ensure even greater success for the new owners.
Create your own future and fortune with this incredible business opportunity. This well-respected business with its community goodwill participation and prospects of further growth, is just the Beginning to build on this new styled Newsagency’ s future. A new lease is in place with 5×5 plus CPI only as well.
* A huge drawcard in a mix of quality shops amongst great Cafes and other quality retailers.
* Opening hours 6.30 5 p.m. plus two half days.
* Huge Lotto $130k p.a. commissions.
* Social Expression: -Cards-Gifts an excellent performance of $121,246 Gross Profit.
* Stationery -S.O.H.O. – Small Office Home Office, plus School purchases, incredible $67,586 Gross Profit.
This fantastic opportunity within such a pleasant environment by the great Lake Macquarie foreshore, makes such a move a pleasure too hard to contemplate anything but YES, a great Business, and YES again a great area to live. Contact us for more information.